This year’s artistic focus is on the genre of silent film. Early silent film includes urban documentaries that show everyday life on the street, local landmarks and urban life. Film and video artists of both cities receive footage of the cities
And put together their own interpretations of the cities. Different musicians will be invited to compose music for the films. 
The films will be presented at different locations in the city. Among others on a big screen in public space accompanied by a live orchestra but also in dome tents in the immediate vicinity of the Domshof.

Every afternoon, guided tours of the city, the architecture and the locations shown in the films will be offered. These deal with the urban and cultural developments of the city’s history.

TCC#2 ArtCultureFest 02 – 04 November 2023

The goal is to curate a 4-day KunstKulturFest on the Domshof, which allows the complexity and commonality of both cities to be experienced in their special similarities. Features, attributes and characteristics of the cities of Riga and Bremen will become a platform for exchange and communication.

Since the establishment of Latvian independence (November 18, 2018), Germany and Latvia 2023, celebrate 125 years of diplomatic relations. We would like to invite Riga 2023 to TCC#2 KunstKulturFest to focus with us on a sustainable urban creative future. 

In preparation for the event, we are seeking collaboration with academic institutions in both cities. In doing so, we aim to develop themes and activities that are exciting for all residents.

TCC#2’s theme in 2023 is visual urban experience and consists of three pillars:

  • Art -Tandem

  • Culture Encounter

  • Messages

The artistic focus is on the tradition of silent film accompanied by music. A common genre of early silent film is urban documentaries that show everyday life on the streets and local sights of urban life.
The films will be accompanied by music recorded especially for this event, encompassing a variety of musical styles, from classical to local folklore, from early pop to punk, electronic and hip-hop, this from music groups and musicians from the cities of Riga and Bremen.

Art Tandem

TCC#2 the KunstKulturFest Riga Bremen invites film and video artists from Riga and Bremen to enter into a dialogue. The works express different urban aspects of both cities. The cultural heritage, urban life, architecture, vitality and the arts.

Culture Encounter

During the preparatory months, a daily social program will be put together for the Twin City Challenge. Again, there will be collaborations with the twin city and several institutions from Bremen. The festival will present various formats such as: live musical performances, performances and a radio-in-dialogue program (Riga Megaherz).
We offer everything that moves the senses to experience a joint, unforgettable festival from Riga and Bremen.

The sound makes the music

Four days, films, fishbowls discussions, shared meals, lots of music and exchange on the topics of democracy, work, life and leisure in the city. The KunstKulturFest serves as an incentive and a platform for in depth moderated debates.